Wedding Services

wedding services

Leasing Entertainment Games

Wedding Services

Services of Exhibitions

Birthday party

Birthday party

wedding parties

Photography vedio, DJ, singers, show groups, kush and lighting

Birthday Parties

Organize birthday party for children at affordable prices and comprehensive services

Photography ceremony or any occasion

Photography ceremony or any occasion and there are video options

Rental of entertainment games

Rental of recreational games We have bouncy castle,sleds bouncy castle and soap stadiums

DJ audio devices

Request DJ audio devices only for any occasion

services of exhibitions

We provide services of exhibitions & we have a group of girls trained for hospitality &  girls model of presentations and service of photographing economic events & Promotional

new offers

Event photography only 500 AED

Event photography only 500 AED

Renting stadiums soap

Renting  stadiums in Dubai Sharjah Sharjah only AED 950 for 24 hours & available sizes 6/12 meters and 6/14 meters  

leasing Entertainment Games

Rental of recreational games, bouncy castle, scales and water slides in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman Prices start from 500

Special offer organizing a birthday party

Our promotion from samer party services birthday party included:clown show with full of games and fun for kids.- sound system_ mascot costume _pop corn - cotton candy-jumping castle-face panting- 20 chairs with tables-20 gift for kids _20 happy meal from Macdonald- now our offer price for Dubai and Sharjah and Ajman is 2500 AED for ABU DHABi  and other cities 2800 AED

what is our features?

We have a talented experienced team that can make your memories wonderfully

Our team started where others finished with the latest and best cameras

Our offers are unrivaled and we provide you with your requirements including our competitive prices.

Our team also has the latest editing equipment, sound and lighting equipment, in addition to highly professional technicians and long experience

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