About Us

about us

Supplies for weddings and events.
Birthday parties are all inclusive.
Conferences, exhibitions, special trips, sports, all private and public events, graduation ceremonies and sports clubs.
The latest events on the latest cameras with the art of editing on high craftsmanship - wedding albums for all occasions of weddings, engagement, birthdays.
We have professional voice and lighting distributors, as well as music and songs to enter the bride Western Arabic Gulf and we can collect songs on the bride's desire as well
We have a variety of special songs - crews of both sexes and we are keen on your privacy

Samer Mariani
Company Director
Hello  welcome  to the website of the Samer Wedding Services . Thank you for browsing our site. You will learn about the various activities and programs implemented by the companySamer Wedding Services companies providing specialized services for weddings, birthday,special occasions and concerts and public events and private conferences and sports activities. Its been almost 10 years of serving with proffesional exeperice.
Samer weddings we can assure you to have a  garanted, proffesioanl service  with the latest technology and lowest prices possible and we will strive to provide you with information about our activities.You can also stay abreast of the latest developments through access to the latest offers and news that will be displayed on the home  
With my sincere wishes, , ,
Samer Mariani
Director of the company